Frequently asked questions

To help you get a better idea of what vjoon is all about and to shed some light on our application process, we‘ve put together a list of frequently asked questions on this page. If you have any further questions, feel free to send them to us as part of your application. We also welcome suggestions and criticism, because there‘s always room for improvement.

FAQs about working at vjoon

Our claim? Our values?

We want to provide customers with Software-Made-In-Germany. That means simple and intuitive to use, well thought-out, secure and robust. Sustainability is our goal, waste of time and resources counterproductive. This requires everyone to look and think outside the box, but also to trust strategic decisions and implement them in the best possible way.

Working from home?

Yes, you can. Craftsmen are coming, children/parents are ill and need to be looked after. Or there are other private situations that have to be dealt with. We adjust to the situations of our employees and find a solution. This includes making sure that a workplace is suitable for working from home, and trusting that an employee can manage keeping private life and working time separate. And for that we first have to get to know you.

Working hours and vacation?

We have a 40-hour week and a core time of 10-16. For those who have worked more hours, there is a choice of compensatory time off or payment of hours (with tax-free surcharge). And for absolute relaxation you have 30 days of vacation per calendar year at your disposal.

Further training?

In addition to corporate and departmental training, we have a fund for initiatives so that every employee benefits. Depending on your needs, you or your team can participate in suitable training courses, professional conferences or seminars.

FAQs on the application process and onboarding

My application documents?

As expressive as possible. In addition to a covering letter, your documents should include a curriculum vitae, the last certificate of your university, vocational training or school education as well as relevant job references or proof of internships. Please send us your documents as PDF in an email.

Our application process?

Simple and fast. If we are unclear or missing important individual points of your application, we will call or skype you briefly. Otherwise we will have a first interview right away. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on how many questions you bring along. You will get to know your manager and the HR manager. You will find out who we are, how we became what we are today and why we are looking for you. Then you will introduce your career and describe why you want to join vjoon and what ideas you have for your professional future. The third part, we cover the details about the respective position(s) that match your qualifications and knowledge.

As a next step, we might want to arrange a second interview where you can get to know the team, exchange professional information or perhaps solve a small task. And that‘s it … almost. In the end, you make the decision whether you want to become part of our team, and we decide whether you fit into the team. If all thumbs are up, we will provide an offer and our employment contract.

My personal data?

All your data will be treated confidentially. Only the HR and the department have access. Here you can find our data protection declaration.

My start at vjoon? Or as we call it today: My onboarding?

Personal and individually tailored. Your future supervisor discusses first steps with you. This includes tools, procedures, the training itself, mutual expectations, and general topics of daily life at vjoon. Familiarization is based on professional aspects and builds on your existing knowledge. It is important for us that you get to know the company and as many of your colleagues as quickly as possible, including those from other departments. Our goal: We want you to feel like a vjoonee as soon as possible and to be able to start working productively after a short time.

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