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artificial intelligence in content marketing

Content Marketing 2.0: Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing

The use of new technologies, e.g. Artificial Intelligence (AI), has been discussed more and more within the last years and with ongoing technical development, discussions about AI even continue. How does AI influence Corporate Communications and Content Marketing? New technologies could bring many opportunities. Today, more than ever before, clearly defined target groups, multimedia capability and the targeted use of technical innovations seem to be decisive success factors for modern communication. On the other hand, marketing channels are becoming increasingly in-depth and the number of marketing channels themselves is also growing. The supply of content is increasing immensely and companies are competing for their content to be perceived. Content marketers are thus faced with the challenge of optimizing and positioning content in a professional way.  

Opportunities of AI 

AI offers new ways to communicate with customers. Some of the opportunities that AI brings to publishers have already been discussed in the article “The Breakthrough of Artificial Intelligence?”.

It is becoming very important that content is still perceived at all given the abundance of digital content. Large amounts of data can be captured, processed and evaluated automatically using AI. This helps in order to create targeted content, to uncover lucrative keywords and to identify trends at an early stage. For example using writing AI, different texts versions can be generated within seconds. Operational activities can be minimized in this way and there is more time for strategic content planning. There is more time for the evaluation of PR activities, too. This opinion is also shared by Adobe’s managing director in Germany. 

Challenges of AI

Despite all opportunities that AI brings, some advertising professionals are sceptical about new technologies. Critical statements like “German employees fear colleague AI” become even louder. 

Besides, ethical issues arise. Especially if AI is used to guide public decisions in specific directions. It is estimated that half of all Trump follower were bots or fake accounts in the US election campaign in 2016. 

About the consequences is partly still discussed today. Besides ethical questions there are discussions concerning fast changing job profiles in Marketing. This brings new challenges for Marketers, e.g. regarding search engine optimization. With the growing importance of AI, the focus is increasingly on language. Therefore marketers should focus their optimization strategies on both typed as well as spoken language. There will be a turbulent struggle for first place in the ranking. We have described some starting points for search engine optimization in “Digital Language Assistants: A long-term factor in the marketing mix?”. 

Visit our blog regularly and read more about exciting possibilities to meet the challenges of AI in our second part “Content Marketing 2.0: Digital ethics as a solution?” next month.