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Content Marketing: „It’s the Relationship That Matters“ – A Look Back at the 2017 BCM Congress

When the content marketing community met at the international Best of Content Marketing Congress (BCM) in Berlin on June 29, its fifteenth edition proved to be yet another banner event. We have long been a sponsor, and our partner SNAP Innovation was on hand to represent us at Europe‘s leading content marketing congress and awards ceremony.

In recent years, the congress has entrenched its position as the go-to international content marketing marketing event in the Germanophone region. Many brand-name companies and agencies from at home and abroad heeded its call. Opportunities to meet, greet and network with peers were certainly plentiful. Content experts from around the world shared their thoughts, exploring intriguing topics in presentations and panel discussions.

Hans-Christian Schwingen, Head of Brand Strategy and Marketing Communication at Deutsche Telekom, talked about Brand Transformation in the Digital Age, while Dr. Christoph Schneider, Managing Director of Amazon Video Germany, offered his insights into Successful Content Distribution.

Is Digital Content still the King?

Photos by Paul Knecht, BCM and Paul Hörbelt, SNAP Innovation

Is content marketing even compatible with independent journalism? Isn’t hypocrisy, and not content marketing, that is destroying journalism? Is digital content more valuable than printed content these days? These and other hot issues sparked heated debated in the moderated panel discussion.

Content May Be King. Distribution May Be Queen. But It’s the Relationship That Matters – Jeremy Abbett, formerly a Google Creative Evangelist in London, picked up on a few buzzwords to voice his thoughts on the importance of making a connection.

The tough task of mastering the technical challenges of content marketing also featured prominently on the agenda. Our man on the scene Paul Hörbelt of SNAP Innovation was impressed with the presentations, particularly the lecture on Content Marketing in the US: Truths and Myths. Georgine Anton, President of MXM (Meredith Xcelerated Marketing), made the strong point that IT investments in state-of-the-art systems are becoming more and more important to companies with advancing digitalization.

This year’s awards contest attracted more than 250 companies and agencies, which submitted over 700 entries. In the past, contestants had entered mainly customer magazines into the competition. This time around, half the entries consisted of printed media such as magazines, books and financial reports, with the other half being digital content. Entries were judged for impact and quality of content.

Awards come in various categories. Our client C3 Creative Code and Content came away with several Reporting, Magazine and Special Awards for Allianz’s 1890, Robert Bosch’s Bosch-Zünder and the Bundeswehr’s Y magazines, while muehlhausmoers took home the coveted trophy for the 2016 Global Hunger Index, an annual report published by Welthungerhilfe.

Audi AG’s annual report, created by BrandsOnSpeed, was inducted into the Hall of Fame for publications that have at least three Gold Awards to their credit.

Photos by Paul Knecht, BCM and Paul Hörbelt, SNAP Innovation