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Keep always up-to-date about the latest trends – AM&P 2017

Together with our partners DPCI and Flux Consulting we met a lot of interesting people in Washington at AM&P 2017, the annual meeting of the Association of Media & Publishing. Around 200 leaders from premiere associations across the country joined the AMP17 event and listened to speakers about new communication trends and marketing techniques of today and tomorrow. The lecturers talked about how to write appealing headlines, using plain language, creating data-driven associations and the effective use of Twitter and other social media. In addition to the discussions and presentations of the conference, it’s an attendee survey by Unleashed Technologies that provides interesting insights into the major topics and issues of the associations:


The survey showed that 59% of the attendees consider their organization’s content to be “above average” or “exceptional” (compared to 60% at AMP16). But, with an increasing focus on the importance of content  in the association world, it is not surprising that the attendees feel confident with the quality of the content they are creating for their members. And the associations will continue to invest time, resources, and skills to ensure quality content synonymous with their organisation.

Nearly 40% of the attendees responded that their organization’s content resonates with their members because they consider it as a trusted resource. When asked what aspect of their organization’s website they would like to improve most, content once again proved king as 47% of attendees responded that updating their site’s content quickly and easily is a current pain point. This result speaks directly to the importance of leveraging a powerful content management system. This ensures that association publishing teams can rapidly generate, publish, update, and distribute content.

This survey of Unleashed Technologies again points out that it becomes more and more important to include modern publishing systems and to publish over various off- and online media channels. By digitally publishing content on these various channels, you allow your message to reach a much broader audience and thus can increase your message’s frequency and effectiveness.

Association Media & Publishing is an organization dedicated to the needs of print and digital publishers. AM&P serves association business operations executives, communication professionals, designers, editors, and content creators, and the media they create.