vjoon K4® Product Brochure

Collaborate Efficiently.
Manage Complexity.

vjoon K4 is the ideal collaboration and production platform for editorial and marketing teams to manage their digital content and to publish for print, app, mobile, web and social media.

Download the product brochure (.pdf, A4)

Download the product brochure (.pdf, US Letter)

vjoon Storage Engine Product Brochure

Dedicated to Your Content.
Quickly at Your Side.

vjoon Storage Engine is the ideal component for an agile data management in the Zettabyte era. On-Premises, hybrid or in the cloud – it's your choice.

Download the product brochure (.pdf, A4)

Download the product brochure(.pdf, US Letter)

vjoon Unified Publishing Process

vjoon Unified Publishing Process®

Why are well-established industry standards the key to efficient cross-media publishing?

With its Unified Publishing Process (UPP), vjoon has taken a holistic approach to managing complex publishing productions. Industrial and commercial companies face similar problems, as studies of their complex production and logistics chains have shown. And the persistent application of sound supply chain management practices have proven how successful such processes can be when they are continuously controlled and partially automated.

Download the whitepaper (.pdf; A4)

Download the whitepaper (.pdf; US Letter)