Moscow Evening Newspaper Re-launches Print and Online Editions with vjoon K4

August 21, 2012

Seeking to maximize cost efficiency and scalability while minimizing risks, the company opted for vjoon K4 in the new newsroom and retooled all its IT with SaaS solutions.

vjoon, a leading provider of cross-media publishing solutions and global reseller of Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite, announced today that Vechernyaya Moskva, one of the most popular Moscow newspapers with a rich heritage, was re-launched successfully with vjoon K4 and the technical skills of vjoon’s Russian integration partner Terem-Media. All print and online departments now occupy a new, state-of-the-art newsroom and have been closely networked using vjoon K4. All 150 editorial staff members were able to work in the new publishing environment within just three months. In addition, the company’s IT was changed over to SaaS solutions (software as a service) within the same period. Set up in 1923, Vechernyaya Moskva is one of the most widely read dailies in the Moscow metropolitan region with a circulation of 300,000 for daily editions and 1.15 million for the weekly.

“Before making a decision, we compared the most powerful systems in a rigorous selection process to see how they would meet our requirements,” says Alexander Cheksin, CEO of Vechernyaya Moskva. “We ended up opting for vjoon K4 because it satisfies all our demands and is much more flexible and far less complicated than its competitors when it comes to workflows and user handling.”

Quality content and online first
In terms of content, the focus of Vechernyaya Moskva’s strategy is on topical online reporting. The paper uses web analytics to track page views and assess the success of its offerings. Topics that generate the most traffic over the day are also earmarked for the print edition. One of the great advantages of vjoon K4 is that it allows the online portal’s contents to be readily reused for other output channels, and can even port such content automatically, for instance, to the print edition. vjoon K4 enables editors to easily track and view the current status of each article, so they always know exactly what work remains to be done. This ensures that the right content is delivered to the right place at the right time, even under tremendous deadline pressure.

“vjoon K4 is the perfect system for a cross-media newspaper publisher such Vechernyaya Moskva,” says Holger Kraemer, director of business development at vjoon. “All editors can work with the same interface, easily reuse multimedia contents, and deliver the stories to the reader’s preferred medium – quickly, conveniently and with minimum manual effort.”

“While publishing capabilities were a factor, the project was also driven by the demands for economic efficiency, scalability and risk minimization,” says Vadim Duda, CEO of Terem-Media. “The overall solution that has been put into practice here saves time and resources that can be reinvested in quality contents.”

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