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ASAE Technology Conference:

ASAE's Technology Conference & Expo is tailored to the needs of an increasingly technology-driven community. CIOs, CEOs, technology professionals, and other professionals with roles or interest in digital and mobile solutions can all find the education, solutions, and connections they’re looking for. Your colleagues at the Technology Conference may come with different experiences and expertise, but they also bring similar challenges and goals. Join us for the exchange of intelligent insights and bright ideas to take back and share with your organization.

Meet vjoon's David Rheault (Business Development) and Joe Bachana (DPCI) to learn more about our latest news:

  • vjoon K4 new software generation 8: Adobe CC 2018 and optimized UX
  • Optimize your collaboration with a state-of-the-art cross-media content system
  • Easily publish digital content via Drupal or Wordpress
  • Save time and money with agile workflows and automations
  • get a live demo

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