Create HTML Based DPS Articles for Smartphones

Easy to build. No coding required. Automated output.

With vjoon K4 HTML-based articles may be generated automatically for smartphones' varying display formats and uploaded directly from the system to Adobe DPS. Publications may even feature a mix of articles; that is, editors can combine custom layouts with HTML-based articles at will. vjoon K4 also comes with easy-to-customize style sets.

Your benefits:

  • Supports digital first
  • Combine HTML articles and designed layouts
  • Convert existing print articles into HTML articles
  • Upload articles or entire issues automatically

The built-in style sets include: Section headers, individual fonts, parallax effects, callouts & Quotes, in-line images, slideshows, animations, videos, footers and links, subheads, caption and credit variations, designed cover page, full size images, table of content.

These style sets are easy to customize so they can fit to your individual needs.