Use Familiar Tools

Take advantage from a seamless integration that connects vjoon K4 directly with Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. K4 Layout and K4 Edit are the vjoon K4 clients for InDesign and InCopy to create any kind of engaging content whether it is for print or digital.

K4 Layout and K4 Edit

Benefit from the entire range of capabilities in Adobe InDesign/InCopy and the additional functionalities of vjoon K4 which makes it much more efficient to work in a professional editorial environment. Designers can work on the layout in parallel with editors who are working on the articles – thus you achieve lean workflows and save time.

K4 Query Panel is the inbox for your current projects. With individual filters and queries you will also find all relevant content, such as articles, images, multimedia elements or layouts. Via sticky notes, which are organized like a chat, you can exchange ideas with your team members and make suggestions or change requests.

Structured Content

Reuse or republish stories to any channel easily and efficiently with a system that applies inherent structure from the start.

Multimedia Content

Place layouts (layout-in-layout), articles, images, graphics or multimedia elements – all managed in vjoon K4.

Seamless Excel Integration

Always work with the latest figures from Microsoft Excel and allow styled tables with both numbers and text to flow into InDesign with ease.

Language Support

Variants allow you to create stories in all required languages and adjust your content to your intended audience.

Assign and Share Job Status

Easily communicate progress in your workflow to the whole team with a status update or new assignment. Communicate clear deadlines with due dates.

Real-time Communication

With “my tasks“ queries, email and assignment notifications or sticky notes, teams effectively communicate and collaborate in one system.

Custom Queries and Views

Create queries to search for tasks, images or articles or any other specifications you want. Use List View, Thumbnail View or Layout View to present query results.

Full-text Search

Take advantage from a high performance full-text search, which may be combined with classic queries and filters.

Version Control

Ensure quality as well as consistency, track all changes, save versions and make your system revision-proof.

Are you ready to create content with familiar tools?

vjoon K4: Smart and Easy

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