K4 Layout for Adobe InDesign

At a Glance

Create Engaging Layout Designs

K4 Layout is the vjoon K4® client for Adobe InDesign to start any kind of engaging layout design whether it is for print or digital. Benefit from the entire range of capabilities in Adobe InDesign and the additional functionalities of vjoon K4 which makes it much more efficient to work in a professional editorial environment. InDesign users can work on the layout design in parallel with editors who are working on the articles.

Through the K4 Query panel you can access to any content within InDesign – it represents your window into the vjoon K4 database and allows you to search publications and issues contained in vjoon K4, and, in order to edit related objects, accept the tasks that have been assigned to you.

K4 Collections is the perfect place to compile and capture all the information, images and URLs you need for an impending story and get started generating initial layouts and rough drafts.

K4 Sticky Notes lets you comment on layouts or articles and communicate with your team in real time.


  • Take advantage from a high performance full-text search, which may be combined with classic queries and filters.
  • Create queries to search for objects, tasks, assignments or using any other specifications you want.
  • Benefit from different views (List View, Thumbnail View, Layout View) to present query results and the associated object data.
  • Tasks are represented in a convenient hierarchical list view and you can accept tasks for layouts, articles and text objects or open previews of layouts directly.
  • Place layouts (layout-in-layout), articles, images, graphics or multimedia elements – all managed in vjoon K4.
  • Create tables using InDesign styles and linked to Microsoft Excel.
  • Switch variants for language versions or layouts and create alternative page designs.
  • Save queries and palette settings to customize your interface.
  • Monitor multiple queries in real time.
  • See at glance who is working on which document, when it was last edited and much more.
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K4 Collections

Plan and Research Topics
Across all Clients

K4 Collections is the perfect place to compile and capture all the information, images and URLs you need for an impending story and get started generating initial layouts and rough drafts. All the collated background information and every element that is not required immediately for the production workflow remains with the story and readily accessible in the K4 Collection. K4 Collections lets you also work within the vjoon K4® clients in Adobe InDesign and InCopy.


  • Plan and research topics for upcoming issues and projects and make use of it across clients.
  • Collect all your research material (e.g. text, pictures, videos, URLs) in one place.
  • Get started with an initial layout and rough drafts and port them right into a publishing workflow.
  • Add additional information as a collection to articles and stories for background information.
  • Keep your secrets by starting a personal collection or make it available for your team.

K4 Sticky Notes

Click to enlarge K4 Sticky Notes

Exchange Comments
in Real-Time

Using K4 Sticky Notes, you can place notes in layouts and exchange messages with other users. You may use K4 Layout in Adobe InDesign, K4 Edit in Adobe InCopy and K4 Overview Advanced to add sticky notes to a layout page, share your comments with other users and reply to other users comments.


  • Post sticky notes on layouts and articles to comment and suggest corrections.
  • Collaborate in real-time just like a chat.
  • Use sticky notes across several clients.
  • Every entry is marked with a time stamp and the user name.
  • A sticky note can have an unlimited number of entries.

K4 Captions & Credits

Automated Captions & Credits

This function allows you to automatically assign caption and credit text frames including text styles to pictures. Together with other add-ons, like K4 DropFolders and K4 XML Exporter, you can even automate your complete picture workflow, getting pictures from asset management or retrieval systems into vjoon K4, creating frames for captions and credits maintaining the connection to meta data fields, and finally exporting and repurposing information via XML.


  • Assign caption and credit text frames including text styles to pictures automatically.
  • Create frames that are linked to the picture and keep this link even if the picture is moved. If the size of the picture changes, the text frames change size as well.
  • Configure automatic updating of text via the link to vjoon K4® meta data fields.
  • Automate your entire image workflow.