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When it comes to managing the production effort, you're on the safe side with vjoon K4. A password-protected Web interface displays high-resolution previews of InDesign layouts, searchable by query or issue, complete with color cues that signal where they are in the workflow. Keep an eye on your entire production process and react immediately if you need to intervene. So K4 Overview Advanced perfect for Supervisors, project managers or the head of production who want to keep track of where things stand.


  • Monitor your entire production in a browser without using Adobe InDesign.
  • Use any of the view modes at any time to switch between different representations of the pages (e.g. Spread, Thumbnail, Thumbnail with details, DPS Articles, Flip Pages).
  • In any view mode, use the display options to influence the visibility of pages (e.g. hide empty spreads, variants).
  • Accept tasks for layouts, articles and text objects directly.
  • Post comments on a layout page and communicate in real-time (K4 Sticky Notes).
  • Determine costs per page (K4 Cost Tags).
  • Display layout pages updated with the most current object and article versions they contain, even if the layout designer has not updated the layout yet.

K4 Sticky Notes

K4 Cost Tags