vjoon Overset Manager

Total Control Over Text Length and Overset

For Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy

The vjoon Overset Manager plug-in for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy gives you complete control over text length and text overset, enabling you to count, display, edit and print overset text. It increases production security by warning you if the document contains overset when you print or export a file. vjoon Overset Manager is the ideal tool for everybody dealing with text-intensive files on a regular basis.

vjoon Overset Manager

With vjoon Overset Manager, you can see at a glance if a file contains overset and which text threads are affected. And you can show or hide overset frames for the selected text flow or all text flows on the page.


  • Determine the color of overset frames, as well as their position relative to their master frame
  • Place overset frames comfortably at the top right corner in the document so that even long overset text will be visible – alternatively place overset text frames to the left of the original text frame when using right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.
  • Count placeholder text to determine the exact text length needed to fill a text thread in order to give correct instructions to an editor
  • Calculate text length by number of characters, words, lines and manuscript lines
  • Calculate the number of standard words needed to fill the text frame, by setting the length of manuscript lines, e.g. a decimal number like 7.4, in the preferences
  • Measure the length of text in the current selection, text column or text thread
  • See values for the text that fits in the text frames as well as for overset text, separately
  • Measure the current text selection against the remaining amount of overset text for easy and precise copyfitting – If a text frame is not completely filled with text, the palette displays an estimate number of missing lines for underset text
  • Being alerted when printing or exporting a document containing overset text
vjoon Overset Manager

vjoon Overset Manager can be used with InDesign or with InCopy. While InCopy provides editors with statistical information and allows to edit overset text in Galley and Story View, vjoon brings these important features to the Layout View, where the editor can see the exact design as it appears on the InDesign page.

vjoon Overset Manager significantly increases the level of production security and helps to prevent costly mistakes.

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vjoon Notes Manager

Making the Best use of Inline Notes

Made for Adobe InDesign and InCopy

The standard InDesign and InCopy notes feature enables users to create and edit inline notes for their own reference or in order to exchange information with other users. The Adobe notes palette displays one note at a time and allows the user to browse notes in the order in which they appear in the text.

The vjoon Notes Manager plug-in will totally change the way you work with inline notes in Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. Editorial staff will communicate more efficiently using notes, as displaying and navigating notes is made easier and faster.

vjoon Notes Manager

vjoon Notes Manager lets you overview, sort and filter all or selected notes in one document at a glance. It enables you to work with notes in a more efficient way. vjoon Notes Manager is working hand in hand with the standard notes feature of Adobe InDesign and InCopy.


  • Filter notes created by specific user or edited in a certain timefrain
  • Sort by author, note content, date of creation or last modification
  • Show all notes your co-worker added the previous day
  • Hide all notes belonging to text frames you are not allowed to edit
  • Navigate more easy within the document
  • Click an entry in the panel and the corresponding notes anchor on the page will be selected
  • Double-click an entry and the standard Adobe notes panel will open

In an editorial environment, where several people collaborate on the same text over time, vjoon Notes Manager will quickly become an indispensible tool for reliably and efficiently exchanging suggestions and instructions.

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