Your IT Strategy. Your Choice.

In-sourcing IT has its benefits. Infrastructure can be run by company staff or provided as a managed service. Local networks are very fast and provide the means to isolate mission-critical data. On the other hand, customers who opt for cloud services enjoy great flexibility at lower CAPEX and OPEX. Computing performance and storage space are remarkably scalable, and can be upped at the touch of a button to keep pace with the company's growth. And with S3, Amazon offers a special type of object storage in the cloud that lets customers store and retrieve any amount of data, anywhere in the world.

Freedom of choice

Companies that opt for vjoon K4 and vjoon Storage Engine are free to run their publishing workflows and maintain all data on their in-house IT infrastructure. They may also use Amazon's highly scalable, cloud-based object storage for vjoon Storage Engine. Or they can port the whole package, vjoon K4 and vjoon Storage Engine, to the cloud. This freedom of choice puts media companies, agencies and marketers back in the driver's seat when it comes to their IT strategies.

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