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Manage Complexity. Collaborate Efficiently.

vjoon K4® is the ideal cross-media publishing platform for creative and editorial teams to collaborate efficiently. Process-driven and highly automated. vjoon K4 structures workflows, thereby affording your organization utmost creative leeway – using just three simple steps to publish your content. It enables small teams and large business units with thousands of users to conveniently plan and implement sophisticated publications featuring multimedia content for delivery to diverse digital devices and in printed format. All production tasks are performed at exactly the right time. Contents are tailored to the format with the same exactitude and delivered precisely when it is ready and needs to go.

True multi-channel clients

True Multi-Channel Clients

vjoon K4 enables every team member to work with familiar tools. Every User can create a multi-channel story within any client, providing different variants of the same story and publish them on various devices automatically and in a single intuitive and transparent editorial workflow. They can draw on Adobe Creative Cloud's entire toolbox as well as Microsoft® Office products. Browser clients afford you secure access to the system on the go and from remote locations so external team members, subsidiaries and freelancers make use of the same benefits as well.

Media Asset Management

Media Asset Management

Access directly all data of relevance to publishing and exploit smart search algorithms. Combine a high performance full text search with special filters to achieve precise search results. Preview different layouts, each single page and thumbnails of all your content in InDesign and browser clients. Compile and capture all the information, images and URLs you need for an impending story within a personal or team oriented collection and get started generating initial layouts and articles or rough drafts. Customize image workflows and automate image processing and enhancement. Leading DAM solutions can be integrated into vjoon K4 to whatever depth necessary to get the job done.


Built-in Automations

There is no need of expensive scripting development to make use of sophisticated automated processes. Built-in automations streamline complex processes when it comes to digital productions. With vjoon K4 you only need a single layout to produce all variants for diverse digital devices automatically. Use built-in scripts based on rules or liquid layout to resize layouts for smartphones or tablets on the touch of a button. Publish for Web and send articles and media files directly to Web content management systems.

Optimized Workflows

Optimized Digital and Print Workflows

Pipe precisely the content readers want into digital channels to reach more people faster with the latest news and stories. Shorten time-to-market cycles, realize new ideas, modify layouts, create appealing tablet or mobile editions and publish to Web quickly in a single, professional editing workflow. And what's more the sophisticated task-based workflow model lets you add or expand publishing channels incredibly easy. Outsourced tasks and processes as well as subordinated workflows are synchronized , and whenever possible automated.

Flexible Production Management

Flexible Production Management

With vjoon K4, editors-in-chief, administrators and project managers can always keep on top of the current status of both the publishing effort and licenses in use. The entire workflow is presented to them in a browser so they can react immediately if they need to intervene. Managers can even see how Adobe InDesign Servers are deployed. All processes may be configured individually, in detail and depth by a graphical workflow editor. And the entire team benefits from the system's phenomenal flexibility and the remarkable measure of reliability it brings to the publishing process.

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Delivering stories that fit.

Plan & Collect

Planning and Researching Topics

The publishing effort usually kicks off with planning and research. To this end, editors, designers and project managers use the DAM functionality within vjoon K4® and K4 Collections to plan and research their multi-channel stories. Seamless integrated page planning, asset management or PIM/ERP systems enable even more detailed planning and afford even more comprehensive contents.


  • Use K4 Collections to access personal or team research pools and plan and research for multi-channel stories.
  • Prepare topics, collect suitable pictures, videos, texts, graphics and links for background research.
  • Achieve precise search results, using a high performance full text search combined with additional filters.
  • Define the page structure of layouts as well as the placement of objects (pictures, advertisements, and audio/video objects) using K4 Object Rules.
  • Benefit from highly integrated 3rd-Party-Solutions (e.g. page planning, DAM, PIM, ERP).
Page Planning with K4 Object Rules

Page Planning

You can integrate page planning systems such as dataplan's JournalDesigner or Tell Timone and then view the latest version of the entire project in vjoon K4, while changes to the layout or article are indicated immediately in the page planning system.

Research Pools

Layout designers and editors use K4 Collections to prepare topics, collect suitable pictures, videos, texts, graphics and links for background research, and begin copywriting.

Get precise search results quickly

Asset Management

Get tailored search results by using the powerful DAM functionalities within vjoon K4, combining a high performance full-text search with special filters or access to data sourced from integrated asset management systems.

Production Process: Plan & Collect

Create & Edit

Creating Layouts and Articles

vjoon K4® enables every team member to work with familiar tools and to be always up-to-date on their current tasks. Your staff can draw on Adobe Creative Cloud's entire toolbox as well as Office products such as Microsoft® Word® and Excel®. Browser clients afford you secure access to the system on the go and from remote locations. So editors can focus on stories and define an optimized content deployment across all channels. vjoon K4 preps content for print or digital editions automatically using workflows that streamline and speed up what would otherwise be labor-intensive routine chores.


  • Enhance collaboration by working in parallel on the same layout or object
  • Be always up-to-date on your current tasks displayed in a personalized and customizable query panel.
  • Benefit from WYSIWYG editing of InCopy files in a Web Browser (K4 Web Portal)
  • Capture and edit content for Web CMS directly, upload it to the Web CMS, update it later and delete it from the website whenever you wish (K4 Web Portal).
  • Work remotely via a Web browser, VPN, terminal services or K4 Distributed Enterprise System.
  • Update Excel tables formatted in InDesign; the InDesign table styles remain intact.
  • Compare text revisions and save any desired number of versions (K4 Revision Manager).
  • Generate captions and credits based on metadata automatically (K4 Captions & Credits).

Task Management

Be always up-to-date on your current tasks displayed in a personalized and customizable query panel. The system automatically streamlines the workflow and cares about the right assignment to the right person at the right time.

Online Editor

Benefit from WYSIWYG editing of InCopy files in a Web Browser. Capture and edit content for Web CMS directly, upload it to the Web CMS, update it later and delete it from the website whenever you wish.

Version Comparison

Compare the text of any two versions of an article in Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy. All changes that have been made to the text are displayed in a separate window, and you can decide to individually remove or keep differences.

Production Process: Create & Edit

Provide & Deliver

Deliver for Print, Mobile, Tablet and Web.

Content delivery for smartphone, tablet, web or print editions is highly automated and precisely controlled. You can trigger delivery in vjoon K4® manually at any time or fully automatically at a predetermined point in the publishing process. The platform is integrated with AEM Mobile (formerly DPS), thereby providing a direct connection between vjoon K4 and AEM Mobile. This makes it so much easier to handle articles and meta data for AEM Mobile – especially when it comes to large digital productions. Users also enjoy the benefits of AEM Mobile’s full functionality.


  • Benefit from a highly automated integration with AEM Mobile to provide tablet or smartphone apps.
  • Speed up your uploads to AEM Mobile by using several upload channels in parallel.
  • Upload single articles (e.g. text, ads) or the entire layout of a magazine fully automated.
  • Link seamlessly with Web content management systems such as Drupal, Wordpress, Typo3, SiteFusion or others.
  • Publish, update or delete Web content at any time you need.
  • Enhance print automation generating high resolution print PDF via axaio MadeToPrint directly out of vjoon K4.

Save Time

Use automated workflows for frequently recurring, time-consuming tasks, for external processes, for uploading data to AEM Mobile or for exporting XML data.


Enable your staff to lighten their workload, to speed up creating relevant content and to shorten time to market cycles. Modify layouts, realize new ideas for publishing and marketing, and create appealing digital editions quickly in a single, professional editing workflow.



Pipe precisely the content readers want into digital channels to reach more people faster with the latest news. Create as many layouts and text variants as you see fit for national, regional and local pages. Reuse images or articles for any channel at any time.

Production Process: Provide & Deliver

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Keep Control. All the Time. Everywhere.

Project and production management is not just a single step within a workflow – it's an ongoing task, keeping an eye on the entire process so project managers or the head of production can react immediately if they need to intervene. With vjoon K4® a password-protected Web interface displays high-resolution previews of all layouts, searchable by query or issue, complete with color cues that signal where they are in the workflow. As the platform is highly integrated with AEM Mobile it is so much easier to handle AEM Mobile articles and meta data – especially when it comes to large tablet productions.

With vjoon K4 you are in full control of the entire publishing process at any time of your production.


  • Monitor your entire production in a browser without using Adobe InDesign.
  • Upload all tablet or smartphone content to AEM Mobile, directly and automatically.
  • Publish your stories online via a Web content management system at the touch of a button.
  • Task third-party systems to edit texts and images in the background, fully automated and in parallel to the editorial workflow (K4 External Task Dispatcher)
  • Post comments on a layout page and communicate in real-time (K4 Sticky Notes).
  • Determine costs per page (K4 Cost Tags).
  • Display layout pages updated with the most current object and article versions they constrain, even if the layout designer has not updated the layout yet.

360° Management

Overview the entire production in one interface, preview pages in various viewing modes and react immediately if you need to intervene. Accept tasks directly, comment layouts and communicate with other users in a real time chat.

Determine Costs

Calculate and display the costs of a page based on the number of characters and per embedded object. Compare the costs per page using stock photos or an individual set from an own photo shooting.

Digital Publishing

Produce digital editions of your publications for tablet devices and smartphones in a more efficient way. Make use of Adobe InDesign Server to render AEM Mobile articles in the background. In addition to that uploading of single DPS articles or the entire issue to AEM Mobile is automated.


vjoon K4 UPP-Workflow

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