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Agile Data Management

Media companies, agencies and marketers generate lots of data, and their IT departments are hard-pressed to keep up. These businesses simply can’t do without instant access to a rapidly growing mountain of content and speedy recovery in the event of failure. And that makes agile, responsive data management a mission-critical task.

vjoon Storage engine cares for your data – let’s have a look how it works:

Storing and generating snapshots:

Publication data structure including metadata is stored in a lean SQL database.

Layout, text, image, and video files are stored in the Storage Area. At the same time copies of these assets are saved in the Snapshot Area on a regular basis.

For a snapshot a copy of the SQL database is created and saved together with references of assets. A snapshot can be created manually or automated and time-controlled. The entire process is running in the background and the production is not interrupted.

Restoring a publication:

At first the lean SQL database including the publication data structure will be restored.

After this all users are able to start working again immediately. Until the files are fully restored to the Storage Area, users work with files from the Snapshot Area.

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