Welcome to the vjoon K4 ecosystem!

An editorial system is usually only part of a more complex publishing environment. That is why we pride ourselves on the extended vjoon K4 ecosystem offering tight integration with many high-quality solutions by other developers that work seamlessly with vjoon K4.

Ad layout, page planning, digital asset management (DAM), automated output (Softproofing, PDF, etc.), web publishing or others – thanks to the open interfaces (e.g. Web Services) these systems can easily be linked to vjoon K4.

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Adobe Experience Manager Mobile
Digital Publishing
AEM Mobile provides flexible design options to corporations and publishers for their apps. vjoon has worked closely with Adobe for years, and as such is able to incorporate and extend the concepts and capabilities of AEM Mobile for use in professional workflows at corporates, marketers and publishers. Solution
ALS | Ad Layout System
Ad Layout/Page Planning
ALS lets you control and manage the advertising side of your publication. Solution
Ad Layout/Page Planning
ClassWizard is a planning and make-up system for fast and efficient print production in newspapers and magazines. Solution
CoreMedia Content Management CMS
Digital Publishing
The integration of vjoon K4 and the CoreMedia Content Management System optimizes media workflows for print, online and mobile, while offering new possibilities for the use of content. Solution
DIALOGUE is a revolutionary online softproofing server application that allows real-time, colour-accurate, collaborative access and annotation to original high-resolution data. Solution
Digital Asset Management
dio:content uses the Internet to develop new channels for the distribution of your latest news flashes and reports. Solution
Digital Publishing
Drupal is a free and open source content management system (CMS). It is used as a back-end system for websites worldwide ranging from personal blogs to larger corporate and political sites. Solution
EasyCatalog dramatically speeds up the production of your Catalogs, Price Lists, Brochures and Directories. Solution
Ad Layout/Page Planning
eCrome®[ADvert] includes the modules eCrome®[AdM] (Advertising Management) and eCrome®[AdP] (Advertising Production). Both modules collaborate perfectly for administration and production. Solution
Elpical ClaroPremedia
Elpical Claro provides a complete image processing workflow for printers, publishers and online communication companies that require fast processing of high volumes of images while achieving cost reduction and improved quality. Solution
Extensis Universal Type Server
Managing your fonts with Universal Type Server fuels your team’s creativity and productivity. Store all of your fonts in a centralized, server-based font manager to ensure consistent, worry-free font usage across all of your projects. Solution
Digital Asset Management
FotoStation has been designed for people who work professionally with digital assets. Solution
Ad Layout/Page Planning
JournalDesigner is a flexible page planning solution that integrates ad placement, editorial structure planning and management of production process within one tool. Solution
vjoon K4 Integration with MadeToCompare allows you to compare versions of any article you want. Solution
vjoon K4 Integration with MadeToPrint automates print jobs, generates PDF, Postscript or EPS files out of vjoon K4 via axaio's MadeToPrint. Solution
Math Tools
Math Tools are sophisticated plug-ins for Adobe InDesign. They expand their capabilities by real mathematical typesetting. Solution
The MISTRAL web-based production management system is both the common electronic submission interface for production assembly and the interface for subsequent production tracking, administration, correction, approval and printing. Solution
Digital Asset Management
Picturepark digital asset management software enables organizations to centrally store, manage and share digital assets on a modern service-oriented architecture (SOA) that is scalable, based on open standards, and available in the Cloud (SaaS), on-premise or in hybrids. Solution
TELL Timone
Ad Layout/Page Planning
TELL's software TIMONE System supports companies in planning editorials & ads and in controlling the production of magazines, newspapers and books in an effective and successful way. Solution
Twixl Publisher
Digital Publishing
Twixl Publisher is so easy to use that just about anybody can get started and use it. Extensive technical skills are not required to develop mobile apps with our solution. Twixl Publisher is targeted at publishers, agencies and the enterprise market, and offers all the flexibility that allows it to be integrated into an existing workflow. Solution
Digital Publishing
TYPO3 is an open source small to midsize enterprise-class Content Management Framework written in PHP. It is used as a back-end system for websites. Solution
Verlagsmanager (VM)
Ad Layout/Page Planning
Verlagmanager is an integrated standard complete system for operative value added processes of media corporate groups. It offers commercial management of advertisement (VM-A), community´s services subscription/individual sale (VM-C), editorial (VM-R). Solution