The solution in brief

Developer:ClassWizard GmbH
Category:Ad Layout/Page Planning

ClassWizard GmbH specializes in PDF-based page planning and make-up solutions. Their flagship product, ClassWizard, is a planning and make-up system for fast and efficient print production in newspapers and magazines. Whether page elements, batches or supplements, ClassWizard handles copy and advertising pages in all established formats.

ClassWizard is platform-independent and uses the XML data format. In addition, the solution takes full advantage of its wholly PDF-based workflow: adverts, headings and body text are automatically laid out and optimized for space using the proprietary high-end PDF engine, without the need for conversion to PostScript. It is possible with ClassWizard to work with several print areas on one page, to place objects automatically and to transfer any content to press and layout templates.

Thanks to a newly developed interface, this high standard of modern page layout and make-up technology is now available to all vjoon K4 customers. The vjoon K4-ClassWizard combination has already passed the first field test at the St.Galler Tagblatt. The rule of thumb for division of labour was: K4 handles content, ClassWizard places it. A particular feature is the possibility of “handing down” page elements or even entire pages — i.e. referencing any desired content. In practice, that means that with ClassWizard, any regional or specialized editions (even in differing formats) can be viewed and exported in detail. ClassWizard can even create a table of contents, index or sort sequences automatically for each edition based on its layout.

Jörg Schiessler, Managing Director

“When the leading editorial system and the leading pre-press software developer form this kind of an alliance with the same goals in view, that results in a new standard of quality. We are setting a new benchmark for automated, dynamic periodical production.”

Jörg Schiessler, Managing Director