The solution in brief

Solution:CoreMedia Content Management CMS
Developer:CoreMedia AG
Category:Digital Publishing

CoreMedia is an international provider of people-centric™ content management software. The company, based in Hamburg, Germany, has successfully positioned itself in the highly dynamic market for Internet technology. The company is characterized by its innovative and creative culture, and by the focus on collective learning. These values are also to be found in CoreMedia’s technology: CoreMedia develops software that enables staff, partners and customers to achieve their goals rapidly, creatively and productively. Founded in 1996, CoreMedia has over 150 employees and maintains a global network of implementation partners that includes 500 professional consultants.

The integration of vjoon K4 and the CoreMedia Content Management System optimizes media workflows for print, online and mobile, while offering new possibilities for the use of content. The workflow was designed with simplicity in mind, allowing the creation of all-in-one solutions such as a “Unified Newsroom,” or the use of external connections, as is often the case with agencies or corporate publishers. Initially, articles are created and edited in K4. They are then exported using the K4 XML Exporter, at which point the CMS takes over and publishes them using their own layout. At this stage, special online ads can be placed. CoreMedia CMS further extends the Web-based functions to include an automatic Top 10 List, breaking news, full-text search, RSS feeds, and comment and e-mail functionalities, plus an image and video gallery as add-ons to the print edition.

“Our content management solution ideally meets the challenges of media and business in the age of Web 2.0. Our content technology is tailored to match the needs and expectations of its users, and is a technically innovative and stable product. It also extends the reach of the cross-media value chain to include Web, TV and mobile services, thus supporting new business models.”

Sören Stamer, Co-founder and CEO