The solution in brief


For its customer ADAC Motorwelt SNAP Innovation interfaced the K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform with DIALOGUE, an online soft-proofing application from DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH. This integrated solution makes workflows more efficient and improves collaboration with the printing service by eliminating media discontinuities - that is, unnecessary switching of interfaces and format conversions. Now editors coordinate directly with ADAC Motorwelt’s new media and printing services provider to fine-tune layouts within the integrated systems.

The two systems communicate across an interface programmed by SNAP. When a layout in K4 reaches the status "Layout to repro," the publishing system sends a notification to the DALIM application alerting Laudert employees, who then check and process the photographs before they post a PDF soft-proof in DIALOGUE. This application automatically sends an XML job ticket via EnFocus Switch to K4, letting ADAC employees know that an online proof is available. The head of production checks the page in DIALOGUE. If he likes what he sees, he approves the soft-proof in DIALOGUE application, which then sends this information to K4. At the same time, ADAC Motorwelt's ad desk can view the layout in DIALOGUE to ensure customers' ads are rendered correctly. Once the editor and ad staffer have both approved the proof in DIALOGUE, the application forwards this information as metadata to the K4 system, which automatically advances the layout's status to the next level. All this is done without delay, so the document is immediately ready for further processing.