The solution in brief

Solution:Math Tools
Developer:movemen GmbH

topset Computersatz, founded in 1992, located in Nürtingen near Stuttgart in Southwestern Germany, provides consulting, sales, long-term support as well as hands-on user training and seminars in the digital prepress area, all of them in German and English. Our main focus are the standard software contained in the Adobe Creative Suite / Creative Cloud, as well as some sophisticated plug-ins for InDesign: "Math Tools" for real mathematical typesetting in InDesign, "Easy Catalog" for super-easy and efficient catalog publishing with InDesign.

Using "Math Tools", you create mathematical equations using solely InDesign's text editor means. No graphical elements, no links to anywhere, each equation is formed just with text elements. All options like eg fraction size or root sign font are stored in the InDesign document as styles, behaving exactly like eg paragraph or character styles.

Since version 2, you can export and import mathematical equations as MathML as well and so be part of an XML-driven workflow system.