The solution in brief

Solution:Twixl Publisher
Developer:Twixl media
Category:Digital Publishing

Twixl Publisher is so easy to use that just about anybody can get started and use it. Extensive technical skills are not required to develop mobile apps with our solution. Twixl Publisher is targeted at publishers, agencies and the enterprise market, and offers all the flexibility that allows it to be integrated into an existing workflow.

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For the Enterprise

Attractive and dynamic presentations for sales reps are already used frequently. Today companies are looking at in-house publishing to control content distribution in their company. They are also looking at public apps to give access to specific target groups as part of customer loyalty and engagement programs.

Enterprise publishing requires a good content management solution where every user profile only gets access to the information that matters to him/her. It brings sales presentations and customer relations management to the next level where the customer experience and delivering on expectations is essential.

For Agencies

Brands can't afford not to be mobile anymore, all their different stakeholders are in need of specific mobile tools and mobile content. Agencies need to be able to respond to this demand without the need to change the way they create content completely. Twixl Publisher helps bridge the gap towards mobile publishing.

Traditional agencies and independent designers represent a large group of users of our solution. Basically, Twixl Publisher lets designers create and publish enriched apps without any programming knowledge. Mobile publishing sits in the middle between print and web. This is why Twixl Publisher lets you create content in InDesign, and integrate HTML5-based content created with tools like Tumult Hype and Edge Animate.
So parts of your app may be created by designers and other parts by web developers who can integrate tailor-made HTML5 animations and content. This will lower the overall development cost and shorten the time to market.

For Publishers

Publishers embrace Twixl Publisher as one of the most complete and effective solutions in the market, providing them the freedom to define how far they want to go on the level of interactivity in their publications.

Twixl Publisher provides a complete mobile publishing package that can be used either as an all in one solution or brick by brick. It is a:

  • Content creation tool
  • App creation tool
  • Content distribution & management solution

While we do advise publishers to create enriched publications and to develop attractive kiosks promoting your publications, we leave up to you to define the level of interactivity you want and to decide the time and money you want to spend on creating your content. It is the ideal solution for mid-size publishers, a professional mobile publishing solution at a competitive price. It allows you to develop a complete mobile publishing strategy step by step at a manageable cost.