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Designed for the Digital Era.

In this age of digital media, companies have to adapt rapidly to emerging changes. They must find ways to deliver content via different networks, channels and devices. And they need the means to monetize their offerings. vjoon K4® helps you streamline and manage with exacting control the supply chains that deliver your content across different output channels. With far less time given over to administrative chores, you will have far more time to devote to creative pursuits, upping quality to earn higher returns on your content.

vjoon K4 is one of the most widely used and most successful publishing platforms, based on Adobe Creative Suite and Unified Publishing Process. A mainstay of publishing in many countries, vjoon K4 keeps raising the performance bar with the latest technologies, leading-edge software architectures, smart usability, and highly automated workflows. And that has made it the benchmark platform. vjoon K4 is a full-fledged, enterprise system, but even very small teams benefit from its structured working methods.

Count on vjoon K4 – the payoff will be well worth your while:

Multi-Channel Publishing

Superior Multi-Channel Publishing

With vjoon K4 you can manage any content and serve all media. The system enables every team member to create a multi-channel story within any client providing different renditions or variants of the same object automatically. vjoon K4 allows content to be published for print, web, tablet, mobile, e-reader, social network or syndication – process driven and efficient.

Enhanced Collaboration

With vjoon K4 as the standard platform humming in the background, editors, designers and managers focus on their own parts of the publishing process without getting in each other's way, allowing writing, designing, photo editing and editorial review to proceed simultaneously and collaboratively.

Increased Efficiency

The process-driven method reduces individual errors and the overall risk inherent in any publishing process. On top of that, the system uses rights and roles to determine precisely who may edit or even view a document and when they may do so. Users can work in parallel to fast-track workflows and the many manual chores take no time at all once they are automated.

Improved Flexibility

The processes in vjoon K4 readily adapt to your needs. The system is exceedingly flexible and responsive, enabling you to react quickly and easily to changes. You have everything under control 24/7 – complex processes, multimedia contents and even licenses. The entire workflow is laid out for you to see so you can intervene whenever necessary.

State-of-the-Art Technology

vjoon K4 is a multi-tier architectural solution with an intuitive browser-based administration interface. It supports modern standard database platforms (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and ORACLE). The system can be extended using Web services. Built-in automation streamlines complex processes and a convenient graphical workflow design editor lets you configure and manage workflows efficiently.

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What Customers Say

Jakob Augstein, der freitag
Publisher & Managing Director
"We produce with vjoon K4 because it offers us the greatest flexibility to interact between the Web and print."

Read also our reference story about the newspaper "der freitag".

Red Bull Media House

Michael Bergmeister, Red Bull Media House
Head of Production
"We have a lean team, which is why we value process-oriented production with vjoon K4. Version 6 offers various output options and automations, which is a great advantage."

Hubert Burda Media

Jörg Bürkle, Burda Digital Systems (Hubert Burda Media)
Head of Publishing Solutions
"We know that vjoon is a long-term partner to us."

Read also the user story about magazine production at Hubert Burda Media.

Verchernyaya Moskva (Evening Moscow)

Alexander Cheksin, Vechernyaya Moskva (Evening Moscow)
"vjoon K4 is the perfect system for our cross-media newspaper publishing. It is easy to use and helps us serve our metropolitan audience with quality cross-media content."

Read also the user story about the daily newspaper Vechernyaya Moskva.

Berthold Dörrich, kdgroup GmbH
Managing Director 
"The Cross-Media Publishing Platform won us over with its user-friendliness, stability, and cost-to-benefit ratio – particularly when a service provider has to integrate a complex customer organization into such a system."

Read also the user story about vjoon K4 at the communication agency kdgroup (formerly: köckritzdörrich).

Matthias Götzger, BASF SE
Head of Layout Team, Service Center Media and Communication
"The cooperation between editors and layout designers has never been so close, effective, and especially productive. With the system-driven forwarding of texts through the entities to the final editor, BASF was able to minimize mistakes and spend up to 20 percent less time correcting and proofreading."

Read also the user story about vjoon K4 at BASF.

Sandie Roberts, Rodale Inc.
Director, Publishing Systems
"We were impressed with how well the deployment of vjoon K4 went and the ease in getting all of our magazines up and running. As a company, we are excited about capturing information sooner in the production process and being able to provide structured content upstream to facilitate future reuse."

Malcolm Simms, CTO, Condé Nast International

Malcolm Simms, Condé Nast International
„Our multi-platform publishing strategy required a transformation in the management of Condé Nast content across the company's multiple geographic regions. We reviewed our options closely and realized that vjoon K4 is ideal for our purposes. We needed to introduce workflow management that would integrate with the systems we already had in place, which made vjoon K4 the best choice for us.”

Dieter Steinhauer, kicker-sportmagazin (Olympia-Verlag)
Art Director
"With vjoon K4, Olympia-Verlag has a stable and scalable publishing system that caters to all the prevailing channels. Of course, the integration of Adobe DPS plays an important role as the automated processes save time and money when producing tablet apps."

Read also the user story about the sports magazine kicker.

Marc Terstal, TiMe GmbH
Head of Production
"vjoon K4 is perfect for distributed setups where customers, picture editors, proofreaders, and graphic artists work at remote locations."

Read also the user story about vjoon K4 at TiMe/corps. corporate publishing.

Partner Network

Enduring Partnerships. Global Excellence.

Today vjoon GmbH ranks among the most experienced developers of workflow solutions based on Adobe Creative Suite. We are a global reseller of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and our product, vjoon K4, is one of the most innovative crossmedia publishing platforms on the market.

We work with more than 30 qualified business partners to ensure our customers enjoy excellent system integration and support services. Our partners implement vjoon K4 in America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, and provide on-site support at publishing houses, editorial offices and corporate publisher's locations. Selected specifically for the respective markets, each partner in this global network brings to the table a deep understanding of the local situation and an excellent IT skill set.

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Integration Partners
We provide world-class system integration and support service to our customers. To this end, we work with a worldwide network of qualified partners. Our partners offer a wide range of services and solutions from process consulting to system integration, support and custom software development. Find your local integration partner here.

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Development Partners
A publishing environment consists of diverse systems and modules. Joining forces with our development partners, we unify all components to ensure they interoperate efficiently. Our aim is always to make the most of highly automated, process-driven workflows to our customers' best benefit. See who is already collaborating with vjoon to implement a sophisticated environment.

Learn more about our core technology partners.

Technology Partners
Our software builds on market-leading standard components. Adobe Creative Suite, Digital Publishing Suite and Adobe InDesign Server are deeply integrated with vjoon K4. What's more, with ORACLE, MySQL and Microsoft, our customers are free to choose among the best in database components.
Learn more about our core technology partners.

Product Strategy

Unified Publishing Process: Managed Complexity.

Many modern-day publishing systems offer similar functions, the difference often being a matter of details. What truly sets these systems apart is the underlying philosophy and strategy. All the leading publishing systems offer automated tasks and processes; none takes this concept to the level of the Unified Publishing Process (UPP), as the breadth and depth of automation in vjoon K4 would attest. Rooted in industrial manufacturing practices and developed with the principles of Supply Chain Management and Industry 4.0 in mind, this strategy takes a holistic view of publishing.

The scope of conventional systems is much narrower. They merely manage subprocesses; their mechanisms for controlling workflows are linear and inflexible. But publishers today need the means to factor contingencies into the publishing equation; to manage the entire process; to tie in all sub-processes, including those at remote locations. What's more all services that support the publishing effort – integration, training, process consulting, onsite management, hosting and managed services, to mention just a few – must be attuned to the given technologies and processes. This means vjoon K4 is more than merely the sum of its many functions and modules. It is a comprehensive strategy aimed to save you time and money made manifest. And it frees you to focus on the essentials – maximizing quality to maximize success even when deadlines loom large and the pressure is on.

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Quality Delivered Right on Time:
Content Just-in-Sequence

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