Long distances – local access speed

Companies that operate remote production sites achieve tremendous time savings when they use the K4 DES (Distributed Enterprise System). If a user at a location far from headquarters wants to work on a layout for example, the file is provided by the on-site K4 LDS (Local Data Storage) rather than the remote K4 Server at the company's headquarter. Layout files including all placed objects (for example pictures, videos, etc.) or any other file (e.g. Photoshop, Word or videos) open as quickly as the local network can deliver them, which is far faster than retrieving a file from the remote central server.

This benefit works both ways: The edited file is first saved to the K4 LDS on site and then forwarded automatically to the central K4 Server without consuming the local workplace computer's resources.The central K4 Server automatically updates and synchronizes all associated files so that users at distributed locations everywhere always access the same data.


  • Tremendous times savings when operating remote production sites.
  • Always having updated and worldwide synchronized layout files (incl. images, videos, etc.).
  • Automated server routines
  • Optimized memory resource management at the local workplaces