Automated Import via Hot-Folders

K4 Drop Folders automates the import of files into vjoon K4® by scanning one or more predefined hot-folders to integrate third-party-systems without using the vjoon API. Together with other add-ons, like K4 Captions & Credits, K4 External Task Dispatcher and K4 XML Exporter, you can use K4 Drop Folders to automate your entire picture workflow, sourcing pictures and meta data information from asset management or retrieval systems into the vjoon K4 system, automatically creating frames for captions and credits maintaining the connection to meta data fields, and finally exporting, archiving or repurposing information via K4 XML Exporter.


  • Automated import of Adobe InDesign documents, pictures, Microsoft Excel files or any other file via hot-folders.
  • Create any number of dedicated hot-folders to source files from different external systems (e.g. DAM, Ad Management).
  • Import files with or without starting a workflow. If you don’t start an object’s workflow, you may attach it to an existing K4 Collection.
  • Import as file and job ticket, job ticket only or file only.
  • Add XMP metadata information to any of the folder or file job tickets.
  • Use K4 Drop Folders to automate your entire picture workflow.