K4 Integration with Extensis UTS

Reliable Font Management

The right fonts are crucial to rendering documents correctly; the wrong fonts can wreak havoc on a design. Quality is a key issue for enterprises and publishers alike, and time and costs are of equal concern.

Automated publishing processes involving many fonts are far more reliable and efficient with the benefit of the integrated Extensis® Universal Type Server® (UTS). When a layout is opened in vjoon K4®, the InDesign file is scanned for FontSense™ information. If the InDesign server is up and running, precisely these fonts are automatically selected in the Universal Type Server via Extensis Font Link™. An alert is given if any font use exceeds licensing.

vjoon K4 integrated with Extensis UTS


  • Automate font management within your publishing process
  • Great benefits for documents that vjoon K4 processes automatically in the background
  • Get an alert if any font use exceeds licensing
  • Verify fonts in any publication automatically
  • Minimize errors and avoid delays when using many fonts
  • Rely on full support by axaio MadeToPrint

Learn more about Extensis Universal Type Server: extensis.com