K4 XML Exporter

Export any Kind of Data.
Any Destination you want. Automatically.

K4 XML Exporter is a module for vjoon K4®, that can be used to export any kind of data from the content of the vjoon K4 database. The exported content is saved in a rich xml data schema. Using the build-in transformation engine Saxon or an engine you supply, this data can be transformed using XSLTs to any format or structure you require. The result can be save to a share point, sent by mail or FTPed to a distant server. Even custom service tools can be launched after the export to further process the data.

The export process can be triggered using an automated task as part of the K4 server architecture automatically by the workflow or manually by a user. In addition, this module is available as an external Java application which allows you to export with query mode executed via Terminal.


  • XSLT transformation using build-in Saxon engine or another XSLT engine
  • Copy, mail or FTP the result to a required destination
  • Media-independent export of data via XML
  • Automated export of content for Web CMS or archive systems
  • Extract meta data information or tagged articles
  • Configured optionally as manual or fully automated tasks
  • Also available as an external application managed by a scheduler