State-of-the-Art Software Technology

At a Glance

Powerful, Scalable and Secure Platform

With vjoon K4® you rely on powerful state-of-the-art technologies. This means a cost efficient environment and an easy roll-out on your existing infrastructure. These technology strategy ensures a scalable, robust and flexible platform, offering many advantages when compared to competitive solutions.


  • Future-oriented multi-tier architecture based on powerful state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL and MySQL database platforms and runs on OS X, Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Support for Mac and Windows clients in mixed-platform environments.
  • Layouts, texts, images, ads and multimedia content that are managed by vjoon K4 are stored in the database with full versioning.
  • Open APIs and a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK).
  • Scalable for workgroups smaller than 15 users to those with several hundred or thousand.


State-of-The-Art Technologies

vjoon K4 is a multi-tier architectural solution, with an application server layer running under Apache Tomcat, a client access layer and a database abstraction layer using JPA/Hibernate. All serverbased components of the system are Java applications, which are configured to run on a standard Apache Tomcat server.

vjoon K4 is compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud/Creative Suite. It supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL and MySQL database platforms and runs on OS X, Windows and Linux operating systems. Mac and Windows clients in mixed-platform environments are supported as well.

vjoon K4 version 8.x architecture


Integrate and Manage 3rd-Party-Solutions

A vjoon K4® system can be modified and extended using the Web Services API. This offers flexible and comprehensive access to the application server and vjoon K4 business logic, allowing the system to be easily integrated with other systems.

vjoon K4 also allows predefined automations, such as import with K4 Drop Folders, export with the K4 XML Exporter, automated PDF output via MadeToPrint, reconfiguring page formats for tablet editions, automated content upload to Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, Twixl, or the execution of custom scripts running as an automated task on Adobe InDesign Server. Together with K4 Drop Folders, K4 Captions & Credits and K4 XML Exporter, you can automate your complete picture workflow.

In vjoon K4, object rules are used to match data from external sources – e.g. page planning systems.
K4 XTD (External Task Dispatcher) submits vjoon K4 objects to connected third-party systems for further processing, and retrieves the results fully automatically. This is a tremendous time-saver when tasking external applications such as translation memory systems to provide text or image processing tools to analyze or edit pictures.

vjoon K4 version 8.x interfaces