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Company:ADAC Verlag GmbH
Publications / Projects:ADAC MOTORWELT
Category:Magazines, Associations

With a circulation of more than 13.8 million copies and approximately 19 million readers, ADACmotorwelt is Europe's biggest print magazine. The monthly magazine for members of the ADAC motor club in Germany publishes reportages and reviews, tests, service stories and current information about all topics in mobile life. 23 editors and layout designers produce ADACmotorwelt and its supplements ADACreisewelt, ADACmotorradwelt und ADACfreizeit mobil supported by journalists from ADAC Campingführer and ADAC SkiGuide as well as editors from the Public Relations department.

Since July 2005, all publications belonging to the ADACmotorwelt family are produced with Adobe InDesign and InCopy and vjoon K4®. “Shortly after the implementation, it became obvious that the connection of remote sites with vjoon K4 and the parallel workflow within InDesign and InCopy helped us work more efficiently”, says Georg Zähringer, Head of Production at ADACmotorwelt. For example, the prepress service provider in Hamburg can already start preparing layouts for output, while articles are still being proof-read in the central office in Munich. The user rights and status concept within K4 offer a flexible workflow that can be adapted according to changing requirements and reduce errors during the production phase.

Based on the vjoon K4 article data, ADACmotorwelt produces its Web site and an ePaper edition with Web:digiPaper, a product of service provider MSH Medien System Haus. Thus, ADAC members can now read their magazine online before the print edition is being delivered. For more information read the user story.