Customer Testimonial

Publications / Projects:Evonik Magazin
Category:Magazines, Content Marketing

“The ability to rely on an efficient system makes all the difference, especially in a project as important and complex as the Evonik media family. vjoon K4 has been demonstrating its stability and performance for years in many CP projects, which made our decision easy.”

Kim Alexandra Notz, Managing Director

BISSINGER[+] has opted for vjoon K4 and is already using the cross-media publishing platform's efficient, highly automated workflows to prepare Evonik's media collateral. BISSINGER[+], set up in 2013 by Manfred Bissinger, is headquartered in Hamburg and maintains another office in Essen. vjoon's integration partner SNAP Innovation installed the platform in a joint effort with long-time vjoon K4 customer KircherBurkhardt, Berlin, which also provides operating support, to include server hosting. Beyond that, BISSINGER[+] and KircherBurkhardt collaborate closely to create Evonik publications. Editorial design, infographics and digitization are all handled by KircherBurkhardt, which has used vjoon K4 for many years to deliver award-winning corporate publishing projects.


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