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“The greatest challenge to the project was actually not a technical one, it was trying to balance schedules between the staffs of the various publications. Each title has its own unique production schedule that we had to consider. Flexibility was a key factor in getting staff trained, keeping everything moving forward and the project's ultimate success.”

Kevin Campbell, Editorial Systems Project Manager at MEI

Bloomberg L.P. based in Princeton, NJ, is a publisher of business magazines and books for individual investors and financial professionals.

K4 is utilized in the production of the flagship publication, Bloomberg Markets, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, as well as Bloomberg Wealth Manager, and custom publications for Charles Schwab On Investing and Invesco. Bloomberg Press, the company's book publishing division, uses K4 in the production of its financial book series.

K4 offered simplicity and ease of use, a similar feature set to QPS and extra features Bloomberg had been waiting for years from QPS — not to mention extensibility. A K4/Adobe coupling could suit Bloomberg’s future needs as well as its current needs. Bloomberg sees possibilities for the pairing in the production of their Japanese-language editions and their book-publishing division, Bloomberg Press.