Customer Testimonial

Company:BWH GmbH – Die Publishing Company
Publications / Projects:KOMPAKT (IG BCE)
Category:Magazines, Content Marketing, Advertising Agencies
Number of Users:15
Hans Schiffmann, Head of Pre-press

“As a service provider in the print and media industry, we depend on our customers to quickly become familiar with our publishing system. vjoon K4 stands out for its quick run-up time, minimal training requirements, and immediate availability. The scalability and multi-entity functionality of the system is an enormous advantage. We selected vjoon K4, because it seemed particularly easy to adjust K4 to the requirements of our various customers.”

Hans Schiffmann, Head of Pre-press

Together with its customer, the German Mining, Chemical and Energy Industrial Union (IG BCE), BWH has been publishing the monthly membership magazine KOMPAKT (circulation 700,000) since the summer of 2007, using vjoon K4™. The benefits are obvious: vjoon K4 makes all individual production steps transparent and verifiable for the involved parties: “Has the image retouch been completed?” “How can I give the  editor a complete overview of the production at any time?” “Have the data from the freelance editor already been reviewed?”

BWH even offers its customers the use of vjoon K4 as an agency service. For this solution, BWH hosts the server at its own Lampertz computing centre, and users access K4 with a Citrix client via the Internet. The benefits are obvious: Editors can work from any computer, at any time and location, 24 hours, seven days a week. All they need is an Internet connection. But it gets even better: This solution does not require any local installations of programs or fonts. Everything is provided via the Citrix server, which means maximum flexibility, at low and precisely calculable costs, coupled with consistent availability.

About BWH GmbH - Medien Kommunikation

Orders can vary from exclusive print orders, complex database solutions, Web-to-print systems, and comprehensive mailings all the way to shipping and warehousing tasks. The communication range of companies almost always includes a variety of media. It requires excellent resources and motivated employees with a clear overview of individual projects and solutions to combine and implement these tasks at profitable costs. The Hannover-based media expert employs more than eighty highly dedicated employees for that purpose.