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der Freitag
Company:der Freitag Mediengesellschaft mbH & Co.KG
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Number of Users:25

“We produce with K4 because it offers us the greatest flexibility to interact between the Web and print.”

Jakob Augstein, Editor & Managing Director

German luminary and publisher Jakob Augstein relaunched the newspaper in February of 2009, taking an innovative approach for both the print and Web editions. The publishing concept exemplifies how the various media channels interlock. A community with hierarchic structure comprising users, bloggers and publicists directly influences content published in print and posted online. Augstein aims to maintain a dialog with his readers, and he sees the paper as part of a communicative process that is seeing the classic newspaper transition to a participatory medium.

“der Freitag” is produced using the publishing system vjoon K4. CODE COUTURE installed K4, provided training and support, and integrated the Web content management system plone with K4. The integration enables the editorial team of “der Freitag” to manage content delivered by partner publication The Guardian within K4. For the implementation and extension of the content management system and the creation of its Web site, “der Freitag” hired interface service provider Freshmilk GmbH and mainblau GmbH also helped implement K4.

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