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ZEIT Magazin
ZEIT Wissen
Zeitverlag Gerd Bucerius GmbH & Co. KG
Company:Zeitverlag Gerd Bucerius GmbH & Co. KG
Publications / Projects:DIE ZEIT, ZEIT Magazin, ZEIT Wissen
Number of Users:200
Frank Rödel, Technical Director, DIE ZEIT

“A sophisticated workflow for a layout-based production is one of the essential requirements of ZEIT Verlag. A further requirement was the capability to produce several publications with one system at the same time. Based on the experience of other K4 users, we were already convinced of the stability of the system even before the project started. Administration and support of the editorial system have become significantly simpler and faster.”

Frank Rödel, Technical Director, DIE ZEIT

DIE ZEIT, the largest influential weekly newspaper in Germany, reaches more than 2.05 million readers with sales of more than 501,000 copies each week. In addition to DIE ZEIT, the publishing house produces other titles using vjoon K4 including regular tabloid inserts, magazines such as ZEIT-Wissen (a science magazine), ZEIT-Geschichte (a history magazine), ZEIT-Studienführer (a study guide), and a variety of other printed materials.

DIE ZEIT made the decision to use K4 for several reasons: K4 is a modern database-based system that is already being used at many other publishing houses. This fact was the deciding factor for ensuring a solid production. In addition, several publications are concurrently being processed in addition to the newspaper, which is brilliantly supported by vjoon K4. Other organizational optimizations were also implemented with the introduction of K4. For example, the image workflow was clearly optimized in turn making old-fashioned routing slips a thing of the past at editorial departments. Printed data for DIE ZEIT is now transferred using XML workflow to the ZEIT-Online editorial department ready for production each week.