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economy – Das unabhängige Themenmagazin Österreichs
Company:economy Wirtschaftsverlag
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Number of Users:five
Christian Czaak, editor of economy

“What we really like about vjoon K4 is its K4 XML Exporter, whichs helps us to automize the export of our print content into our Web site. Altogether, our decision of implementing K4 has paid off – even for us as a comparibly small publishing house. We benefit from the structured workflow in three ways: financially, organizational, and we can avoid a lot of mistakes. Most important factor: the option for editors and designers to work simultaneously and directly into the designed page – from anywhere in the world. On top of that, we enjoy the simple handling of the software as much as its reliability. In the four years of using it, it has never had a system failure.”

Christian Czaak, editor of economy