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Danila Petrov, Technical director of iMedia Invest Group holding

“Until today, the biggest success we have achieved by rolling out the vjoon K4 publishing system is that we could double the number of pages for our daily newspaper and send each issue to the printer significantly earlier.”

Danila Petrov, Technical director of iMedia Invest Group holding

The publishing system vjoon K4 controls practically all editorial processes at newspaper Economicheskie Izvestia: it controls the workflow for page and article creation and displays the workflow status of pages and images. With the roll-out of vjoon K4, a major goal was achieved – the paper is now published on time every day. With the same number of staff, the number of published pages was doubled without interrupting the daily publishing schedule.

“From the first day of implementing the system, the editorial team showed a positive attitude towards the progressive changes, making the training of the editorial team a pleasant experience. Thanks to the close cooperation between K4 System Integrator Terem and the newspaper's technical team, the system and workflow configuration contributed to a smooth transition from the traditional workflow to a modern workflow handled by”, says Igor Shaposhnik, Project manager at Terem.