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Frau im Spiegel
Funke Mediengruppe
Company:Funke Mediengruppe
Publications / Projects:Frau im Spiegel
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Rüdiger Marten, Head of system management

“With vjoon K4, Funke Media Group publish huge amounts under enormous time pressure. Luckily, we can rely on a secure production environment. We are happy to have such a stable and efficient solution.”

Rüdiger Marten, Head of system management

Funke Media Group (formerly WAZ Media Group) has been using vjoon K4 since 2008. SNAP Innovation was tasked to build a new production environment from the ground up. The Hamburg-based system integrator equipped 120 workstations with vjoon K4, Adobe InDesign, and InCopy, and integrated the page planning application JournalDesigner, FotoWare image editing software, and EnfocusSoftware workflow tools.

The production of "Frau im Spiegel", a German yellow press weekly, with a coverage of 300.000 copies quickly and successfully switched to vjoon K4. The first issue produced with vjoon K4 was available soon: SNAP Innovation successfully managed the switch of the production to vjoon K4 and JournalDesigner within only a week – right after the whole editorial department moved from Hamburg to Ismaning near Munich.

After all preparations the final switch to vjoon K4 and JournalDesigner had to be completed. This meant: editorial department, layout department, ad-planning and reproduction. Together with the IT team of "Westdeutscher Zeitungsverlag" (today part of Funke Media Group), the publishing house of ”Frau im Spiegel", SNAP managed to integrate the reproduction department in Dusseldorp via a user-to-user connection into the production process.