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Company:Gannett Pacific Publishing (Gannett Inc.)
Publications / Projects:101Things (Gannett Inc.), MustDo Top10 (Gannett Inc.), MustDo Sarasota (Gannett Inc.), MustDo Phoenix & Scottsdale (Gannett Inc.), (Gannett Inc.), Your Health (Gannett Inc.)

“In choosing K4, Gannett Pacific Publishing is paving the way for the next era of publishing. The company is seizing the opportunity to boost an alternative revenue stream by installing state-of-the-art tools. There is clear recognition that now is the time to take the already strong Gannett brand and build it through ancillary publishing.”

Steven Haught, Vice President Sales, MEI

85 daily newspapers, 900 non-daily publications, 23 television stations: Gannett is THE media company of the USA - and now also a K4 customer. Arizona-based Gannett subsidiary Gannett Pacific Publishing (GPP) purchased vjoon K4, the popular editorial system for Adobe InDesign and InCopy.

With K4, GPP has found a robust system that can easily serve its different media channels, such as Web and Print. Gannett Pacific Publishing comprises seven unique print and online products covering several national and international markets. Exclusive Integration Partner for vjoon K4 in the Americas is Managing Editor Inc. (MEI).