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Elizaveta Ptashko, K4 Administrator

“In connection with the fact that the newspaper was built “from scratch”, we were confronted with the problem that the different editorial departments did not work hand in hand. The K4 system gave us the possibility to organize the tasks more strictly and control the progress of the materials throughout all workflow stages. Thanks to the system we were able to start up the print edition in a very short period of time, although we had too few designers and a big amount of work to do.”

Elizaveta Ptashko, K4 Administrator

“Gazeta 24" is a leading, high-quality daily newspaper covering a variety of daily interest topics and the print companion to the leading Ukrainian news web site It belongs to “Media Dom" is a big holding, situated in the Ukraine, and consolidates media-assets of the different lines: print editions, TV channels and internet resources which are put together by the same team of managers and journalists. Today, "Media Dom" employs 400 people.