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Company:GONG Verlag (Funke Mediengruppe)
Publications / Projects:die aktuelle, nurTV, TVdirekt
Edwin Örtel, IT Manager at GONG Verlag

“This new solution responds perfectly to our needs concerning modern production. The technology provides a database-driven production with seamless and transparent integration of the entire publishing process from ad management to content syndication. We expect a high level of improvement as the integration of ads, editorial, graphic, repro and content syndication departments leads to significant cost savings. Thanks to the system's modular composition the changes can take place gradually. The product strategy is clearly communicated by the suppliers and is based on international computing standards while the licensing policy meets publishers' needs.”

Edwin Örtel, IT Manager at GONG Verlag

GONG is one of the biggest German magazine publishing houses, publishing titles ranging from TV channel publications and the market's leading animal magazine, to women's titles, crossword puzzle and novel magazines. Some of the best-known magazines are TV direkt, Gong, BILD + FUNK, die aktuelle, die 2 and EIN HERZ für TIERE. Only recently, three magazines (SUPER TV, nur TV and Aquarium) were licensed by other publishers. All in all, 29 registered titles at the German magazine association are published at GONG.

At the GONG Verlag, K4 Publishing System has replaced a Quark Publishing System. The assignment comprises the supply and integration of Dataplan's page planning system JournalDesigner in addition to K4 Publishing System, as well as SNAP e@sypaper for archiving and automatic ePaper production. An interface to the commercial system VM (Verlagsmanager) of muellerPrange GmbH & Co.KG allows GONG Verlag to integrate commercial data with the technical workflow for the first time.

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