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Gudok (RZD)
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Gudok (RZD)
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vjoon's popular editorial workflow solution built around Adobe InDesign and InCopy, has been successfully deployed at "Gudok", the daily newspaper published by Russian Railways.

Founded in 1917, Russian weekly newspaper "Gudok" is the leading news source for people working in the railway sector throughout Russia. It has a network of 17 correspondent offices in Russia and one in Belorussia and is distributed across the entire country.

Russian Railways decided to implement K4 because they have to deal with a large amount of layouts, articles and images that need to be processed as quickly as possible. With the help of K4, Russian Railways optimized their editorial workflow from content delivery and writing of the first article to delivery of print-ready PDF files to the printer.

Due to its excellent functionality, Gudok publishes also its other titles with vjoon K4:

  • "Union" - international transport magazine
  • "RZD" - russian railway magazine
  • "Deliver" - global logistic magazine
  • "Gudok" weekly additional to Gudok newspaper