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“I must say that many people were surprised and sceptical that we decided to work with a solution and a system integrator that do not come from Scandinavia. But our experiences with SNAP proved these reservations to be wrong. I do not believe that we would have mastered this project with its complications and time limits without SoftCare K4 as a production system and SNAP Innovation as our reliable partner. In addition, I do not think that we could have successfully gone live in production without them.”

Lars Oscarsson, Production Manager Hem & Hyra

Hyresgästföreningen (the Swedish tenant union) was founded in 1923. The organization comprises 10 regional and approx. 3,000 local associations. In total, Hyresgästföreningen has 535,000 members. All members receive the member magazine Hem & Hyra. It is published eight times per year and is one of the mass-circulation magazines in Sweden. Hem & Hyra reaches 30% of the Swedish households with topics such as rental law, facility questions or nourishing topics. The magazine is produced with 32 regional editions and the appropriate cover versions. It was published for the first time in February 2007. Hem & Hyra is printed at Prinovis in Ahrensburg near Hamburg.

In order to organize this complex project with editorial offices spread all over the country and a so far missing infrastructure, the need for an editorial system soon became apparent. The system should guarantee a reliable production based on a fast database, offer an optimal integration with the Adobe technologies and ensure a stable integration of remote sites. In addition, the system should be easy to handle.

Furthermore, Hyresgästföreningen needed an experienced partner for this project to ensure a smooth implementation within a very narrow production schedule. SNAP Innovation implemented the system within a very short period of time. All trainings were carried out in Stockholm. At the same time, the necessary client software was locally installed at all external sites. The very first issue was already produced by the external editors.

SNAP customized K4 to ensure an optimal production workflow of the 32 regional sections within one issue. „The new version 5.7 can be very easily extended by using its scripting functionality. We were able to implement the desired functionalities without affecting the integrity of K4 without much effort“, said Ralf Funke, Customizing Specialist at SNAP Innovation. „We could supply the extensions ‚just in time'.“