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Company:The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad
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“We found vjoon K4 most convincing, since it allows us to manage all InDesign documents in a central database. At the same time, the documents are available to editors without access to InDesign and can be proof-read by freelancers outside New Straits Times Press via the K4 Web Editor. The K4 XML Exporter makes it especially easy to export layouts and repurpose them for the internet or for the magazines’ archives.”

Abdul Rahman Hashim, Head of IT

Malaysia’s largest newspaper publishing house, New Straits Times Press Berhad (NSTP), are going to publish three daily magazine sections of its newspapers using vjoon K4. NSTP announced that the layout production of its popular tabloids, “News Straits Times” and “Harian Metro”, as well as the “Berita Harian” newspaper has almost been converted to Adobe InDesign and vjoon K4. "Harian Metro" is the first publication that went entirely live with vjoon K4 in March 2008. Altogether those publications reach more than 2,6 million enthusiastic Malaysian readers per day.

The traditional Malaysian publishing house bought 70 K4 seats. K4 won out over competitive products, because it was especially easy to integrate into NSTP's existing IT infrastructure. For example, they are using K4 Drop Folders to automatize check-in to the system for their existing customized text and picture files and an ad planning system. Another reason was that relatively few training sessions were required to prepare the employees for the new system.