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“We’ve been running the server since January, and I haven’t heard one instance of the system crashing. It has saved us time, but more importantly, it has provided us with new tools and a chance to be more creative. You always want to give an artist the best paint to paint with. vjoon and Adobe really just offer better products that allow us to do new things in production.”

Robert Brai, Production Director

Secaucus, N.J., publisher of numerous industry-leading travel magazines and meeting guides was in need of a new editorial production system. The company had run a Quark Publishing System for years, and even though it considered upgrading its existing software, the project was never realized.

In December 2004, Northstar’s staff watched a demo of vjoon K4, and they liked what they saw. Brai said one of the system’s immediate attractions was its SQL database, which was a good fit for Northstar’s existing setup. Ultimately, Northstar concluded that switching to an entirely new vjoon K4 system would actually be easier and more cost-effective than doing a QPS upgrade. vjoon K4’s stability and functionality saves Northstar time and effort that can be put to better use.

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