Customer Testimonial

1585 (Deutsche Börse Group)
Deutsches Architektenblatt (Bundesarchitektenkammer)
rotkreuzmagazin (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz)
SPARBUCH (Buhl Data)
galeria Magazin (Kaufhof)
Company:planet c GmbH (HANDELSBLATT Media Group)/TiMe GmbH
Publications / Projects:1585 (Deutsche Börse Group), Deutsches Architektenblatt, rotkreuzmagazin, SPARBUCH (Buhl Data), galeria Magazin (Kaufhof)
Category:Content Marketing
Thomas Classen, senior officer and head of publishing

“We chose vjoon K4 version 6 as the central control instrument because it enables taut, process-oriented management of our cross-media publications. All supervisors can quickly and easily ascertain the current production status and pending tasks.”

Thomas Classen, senior officer and head of publishing

Marc Terstal, head of production

“Transparency is a key factor when the production process involves many contributors and content that varies from location to location. Action can be taken and assistance provided before a problem escalates.”

Marc Terstal, head of production

planet c by HANDELSBLATT Media Group, and its technical partner TiMe GmbH use vjoon K4 to produce some 20 titles ranging from special interest magazine to corporate publication. These include the Deutsche Börse Group‘s Best of Corporate Publishing award-winning business journal 1585, Buhl Data GmbH‘s SPARBUCH, the German Red Cross's rotkreuzmagazin, Galeria Kaufhof's galeria Magazin, and a technical journal published by the architectural associations of the 16 German states entitled Deutsches Architektenblatt (DAB).

SNAP Innovation may have set a record for fastest rollout, taking just a month to install and ramp up the Cross-Media Publishing Platform vjoon K4 at planet c (formerly: corps. corporate publishing) and TiMe. Just three months later, 21 publications were running on vjoon K4. One is rotkreuzmagazin. With its strong focus on local news, this German Red Cross magazine comes in many different local editions. The many versions had complicated publishing efforts. vjoon K4 simplifies the process to save time and money.

Published quarterly, rotkreuzmagazin comprises a common front section and 20 different regional sections. Even the regional editions' front page and table of contents vary, as do the number of pages. Publishing so many different versions entailed a great deal of effort. The workflow was labor-intensive, time-consuming and error-prone. Every layout had to be created in a dedicated Adobe® InDesign® document. vjoon K4 streamlined and accelerated these processes.

To learn more about how these companies have deployed vjoon K4, see the vjoon user story covering planet c (corps) and TiMe. Here you can also watch an interview with Thomas Classen of planet c.