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Lutz Hildebrandt, CEO of Publik

“In the end, our selection came down to two finalists: Woodwing’s Smart Connection Enterprise and vjoon K4. We chose K4 because we knew that K4 represented a long-term solution, which will stay current for many years. In 2010, we decided to change over from version 5.9 to version 6 of K4 because we want to take advantage of all the new version's benefits. For me, the greatest advantage is the simple administration. It is very easy to customize workflows and set up new publications with version 6. Also, handling is much more intuitive for the individual user. The changeover went well. Of course, it requires a new mindset. We no longer talk about checking documents in and out; instead we're thinking along task-based lines. The task-based workflows deliver huge benefits. Everyone knows instantly what needs to be done and when it needs to be done, without having to manually check documents in or out. Moreover, version 6 is very stable, just as we have come to expect it from K4.”

Lutz Hildebrandt, CEO of Publik

Andreas Schwaderer, Editor-in-chief of “kontakt” at ABB

“I was surprised how easy it is to work with K4. Because of the many features, I suspected the rollout and conversion would take a lot of time and training, but the conversion was trouble-free, and I actually enjoy working with vjoon K4.”

Andreas Schwaderer, Editor-in-chief of “kontakt” at ABB

Publik, a publishing agency based in Ludwigshafen, Germany, has been using the Cross-Media Publishing Platform vjoon K4 for its corporate publishing projects since May 2008. This includes the employee magazine "kontakt" of ABB Germany, the German subsidiary of the global leader in energy and automation technology. Publik is responsible for the design and production of "kontakt", top award winner in the 2008 "Inkom. Grand Prix" of the German Public Relations Association (DPRG). The bimonthly magazine reaches some 16,000 employees and retirees of ABB Germany. K4 integrator cnk networks helped implement the software at Publik and trained users during production, working with K4 trainer Viola Broll.

End of 2010 Publik decided to upgrade from version 5.9 to K4 version 6. The upgrade to version 6 was achieved in record time over a single weekend: cnk networks and Publik decided to quickly roll out the solution so as not disrupt ongoing operations and continue producing publications live in the coming week.

Agentur Publik provides consulting services, helping companies strategically plan, produce, and implement internal and external communications. The agency is also a partner for corporate publishing and target group-focused public relations, as well as for communication with business partners, institutions, and consumers.


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