Customer Testimonial

Company:Ville de Puteaux
Publications / Projects:Puteaux Infos
Number of Users:15

mediangle installed K2 at “Puteaux Infos”, a monthly local magazine produced by editors and designers in the city of Puteaux, a suburban area in Paris, which is internationally known for its business district La Défense. Havig sold the system in mid February, the first issue of “Puteaux Infos” produced with K2 was out in April 2009. Along with the integration of vjoon K2, the team switched its layout tool from QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign and its editing tool from MS Word to Adobe InCopy. Now, 12 new users enjoy the smooth and secure way to work with permanent overview on the publishing process - possible through K2 Overview. From now on, one by one, other publications switch to an Adobe InDesign/InCopy and K2 based production. Puteaux is the first French municipality to choose Adobe InDesign and K2 for its publications.