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“When we started the project, the newspaper would sometimes go to print an hour behind schedule. Today, after a month of working with vjoon K4, I cannot even remember that the deadline was seriously affected even once. And this despite the fact that we are running a strictly news-driven newspaper.”

Albert Smirnov, Project Manager at NBZ Computers

The publishing system from vjoon covers practically all editorial processes from full cycle of creating articles, full cycle of page design over full cycle of ad management to image handling starting with the delivery of high resolution images.

By introducing vjoon K4, one major goal was achieved – the newspaper now gets printed without any delays. The number of mistakes was drastically reduced. The production process has become more regular. “The departments that were trained first were the ones with deadlines furthest from the final printing deadline of the whole newspaper. Within a week after they started working with the system, the remaining departments were integrated one after the other. In the first week of roll-out, specialists of NBZ were on site to actively help all users”, says Albert Smirnov, Project Manager at NBZ.

The very first issue of the newspaper was published on September 26, 2006. At that time, the layout was still done in QuarkXPress. In only three months, the newspaper's page creation was moved to Adobe InDesign, designers were trained by NBZ in the use of InDesign, the current processes and used technologies were analyzed and re-engineered, and all editorial users were trained on vjoon K4. On December 22, 2006, the first issue fully created with vjoon K4 and Adobe InDesign was published.

Thanks to the client-server architecture and the built-in database, RBC Daily achieved a secure data storage and access. With the help of the automatic versioning feature in K4, errors due to accidental use of outdated versions are no longer a problem. Since each file contains metainformation, the number of personal meetings to discuss the next steps were significantly reduced. While the newspaper is being put together, everyone stays at their desk and is still fully aware of what is going on. The layout department can now easily import objects into the layout directly from within InDesign, as they can see everything they need in the K4 query palette. A great improvement is the fact that in the last, "hot" stages close to the printing deadline, layout artists can now work alone at their desks, without having the head of department, proof-readers and writers look over their shoulders. Thus, they can concentrate on their jobs more easily.