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Company:Rheintaler Druckerei und Verlag AG
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Urs Staudacher, Head of Prepress at RDV

“From our previous experiences, we were pleasantly surprised that K4 was so easy and fast to install. We expected a longer and more complicated installation phase when choosing a larger system. But far from it! Thanks to K4, RDV now feels well-prepared for the future. With its open interfaces, K4 offers numerous possibilities for automating standard processes. This leaves us lots of room for future enhancements.”

Urs Staudacher, Head of Prepress at RDV

Printer and Publisher Rheintaler Druckerei und Verlag AG (RDV) produces the magazine Marketing & Kommunikation as well as its dossiers with vjoon K4. With this decision, RDV replaces its previous system WoodWing Smart Connection Enterprise (SCE) with K4. Marketing & Kommunikation (MK) is the leading Swiss magazine for integrated communication and the official organ of many different communication associations.

In spring 2005, the company decided to implement an editorial system to gain speed and efficiency in its workflow. As printer and publisher, RDV needed a system to cover both areas with the required flexibility and as little effort as possible.

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