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Publications / Projects:Men´s Health, Runner’s World, Organic Gardening, Prevention, Bicycling
Number of Users:one hundred forty
Integrated Solutions:Scriba

“Our advisory group, composed of the managing editors from each of our brands, chose vjoon K4 because they felt it was the best tool to meet our current and future needs. Rodale‘s editorial team is looking forward to being able to monitor issues more easily and to no longer need to advance files by hand throughout the publishing cycle. We were impressed with how well the installation went and the ease in getting everything up and running. As a company, we are excited about capturing information sooner in the production process and providing structured content upstream to facilitate future reuse.”

Sandie Roberts, Director of Publishing Systems

Rodale is the latest major publisher to purchase the vjoon K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform. The company tasked vjoon's integration partner Managing Editor Inc. (MEI) to deliver and install the system. Known around the world for its extensive catalog of health and wellness magazines and books, Rodale will implement a sophisticated vjoon K4 setup that manages print and online workflows.

As part of its migration to vjoon K4 - the leading design and editorial workflow management solution integrating Adobe® InDesign® and Adobe InCopy® within a database - Rodale is installing about 140 licenses for designers and editors in its first phase. By the end of the rollout later this year, four of Rodale's magazine titles - Men's Health, Prevention, Organic Gardening and Bicycling - will be produced with the vjoon K4 system, managing workflows for a total of 275 users. Eventually, the company plans to incorporate other titles, special interest publications and custom publishing projects.

The Rodale system also includes several powerful vjoon K4 add-ons: K4 Web Editor HTML and K4 Web Editor ICML for writing and editing remotely; K4 Overview Advanced for browser-based monitoring of the production process; and K4 File Manager to streamline the management and handling of images and videos in vjoon K4. Additionally, Rodale is upgrading from Adobe Creative Suite® 4 to Creative Suite 5 to take advantage of the latest Adobe technology and maximize K4's features.

In addition to its print workflow, Rodale will streamline its multi-channel publishing efforts by integrating vjoon K4 with its Web content management system. Online content managed within K4 will be extracted with the K4 XML Exporter and passed to Scriba, the rules-based processing engine that applies transformations and formatting to XML exports, to complete the automated process of bringing that data into the Web CMS to feed Rodale's magazine websites.

Rodale will also employ InPorter®, MEI's versatile server-side utility that automates the process of moving content in and out of vjoon K4 from other repositories. With InPorter, Rodale editors can easily utilize their massive library of images, archives and other digital assets - stored within their Telescope asset management system - within K4 workflows and track their use in publications.

vjoon K4 replaces a folder-based production process at Rodale, in which users moved files manually between directories on a network share and relied on spreadsheets to track the details.

About Rodale

Founded in 1930, Rodale Inc. is headquartered in Emmaus, Pa., and also maintains a satellite office in New York City. Its leading gardening and wellness magazines include Men's Health, the world's largest men's magazine brand; Organic Gardening, the most read gardening magazine globally; and Prevention, with a 2.8 million circulation and more than 10 million readers a month. The company's bestselling books include the blockbuster "An Inconvenient Truth," "Eat This, Not That" and several titles tied to the popular TV franchise "The Biggest Loser."