Customer Testimonial

Rolling Stone
Company:Wenner Media
Publications / Projects:Rolling Stone
Number of Users:180

“We were able to roll out all three titles in an extremely quick timeframe. We’ve
already seen K4’s potential for speeding up production, and we’re excited to see what else we can do with it in the future.”

Paul Leung, system administrator

Wenner Media (New York, USA), publisher of the legendary music magazine Rolling Stone, is a convinced K4 customer: Rolling Stone, Us Weekly and Men’s Journal are all using vjoon K4 to manage their design and editorial workflows.

Rolling Stone is using K4’s powerful K4 XML Exporter for repurposing print content for its Web site. The magazine’s staff is also considering using K4 to standardize its electronic content in a format that would someday allow it to be repurposed in other ways, such as for release on DVDs, along with special editions, or through any other multimedia channel.

With a circulation of about 1.8 million, Us Weekly is the largest Wenner Media title and was the first to go live with K4. The magazine’s staff was able to complete the K4 roll-out after just two issues. The Men’s Journal team was even quicker: During the production of just one issue the whole transition process to K4 was completed.